The Clinical Pharmacy Congress London 2013

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Publicación: Dec 25, 2013

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Last 26 and 27 of April, The Clinical Pharmacy Congress was held in the ExCel London convention centre, where Fagor Healthcare attended in order to learn more about the world of clinical pharmacy and its new challenges in the UK.

At this meeting, designed by the same organizers as The Pharmacy Show, it is estimated that a total of 1,760 clinical pharmacists and technicians were gathered. The conference aimed to provide a platform to raise awareness of the changes that are affecting the health area regarding to pharmaceutical practices and services. There were various conferences concerning issues about the profession, and topics as diverse as the treatment of diseases, new ways of using drugs or optimizing the use of them were approached. In conclusion, this is an event arranged for pharmacists so as the can renew and learn new trends which may help to their profession in the best possible way.

Besides the large number of sessions available, in the commercial area around 100 exhibitors were congregated. There, we could find associations such as the Association of Pharmacy Technicians, The British Oncology Pharmacy Association and the Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) with the aim of informing the pharmacists about the new developments that are happening in the sector. On the other hand, we could also see pharmaceutical companies of the size of Pfizer and Glaxosmithkline presenting their products.

Also, thanks to its presence in the conference, we learned about the services offered by companies like Co-operative Pharmacy or BUPA carehomes where they talked about their concern regarding the continuity of the patient treatment once he/she has left the hospital. We can say that the number of pharmacy equipment manufacturers was scarce. We could mainly find medicines packaging systems in individual sachets and softwares to manage stocks.

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