Taking your medication has never been easier!


We take care of your health, we improve your wellbeing

The best system to simplify your prescription regime, offered from your trusted pharmacy

More than 2,500 pharmacies

More than 50,000 patients

More than 10 years of experience

Do you have a hard time managing your medication?

1 in 2 chronic patients do not follow their treatment correctly. Failure to do so leads to a number of potentially serious health problems: worsening of the disease, reduced quality of life, need for additional treatment…


We have the solution for you


Weekly MDS Blister

The best solution for taking your medication correctly, easily and safely.

Intuitive, user-friendly and simple

The easiest and safest way to prepare your medication in the most ergonomic blister on the market. Ask for the service at your pharmacy, and every week you will receive a pill organizer, so you don’t have to worry about anything else. 

«I have been using Fagor Health MDS since 2013. It is a very practical system that means I don’t have to worry about organising my medicines in the pill dispenser»

Elisabeth, 82 years

Would you like to know in real time if your relative is following the medical treatments correctly?

Patients need to be aware of their own role and self-care, but they also need to feel support, and for all this, it is necessary to collaborate both with them and their family environment, offering them resources, information, and tools so that together they can be more empowered, helping to improve the patient’s adherence, health, and quality of life. 


Smart HomeCare Solutions

We use the latest technologies to improve adherence to treatments and adapt to the needs of each patient.

WhatsApp Notifications

Powerful, innovative and flexible

The only WhatsApp notification system for medication reminders on the market. 

The patient will only have to confirm taking the medication, without the need to write or configure anything on their part. 

The family member or caregiver can also receive alerts when the patient has not confirmed taking the medication and a weekly or daily report on compliance with the treatment, which will improve adherence to the treatment. 


«Since my mother uses the services of Fagor Healthcare, medication is less of a concern for me and I can focus on other aspects that are also important for her health»

Mary, 51 years

Dispositivo Homecare

Homecare Device

Safe, simple, effective

  • Greater control over adherence to doses…
  • 99% adherence to the pharmacological treatment. 
  • Real-time information. 

How and where do I get Fagor Healthcare services so that I don’t forget to take my medication?

At Fagor Healthcare we work with pharmacies to guarantee the safety of medication and offer a guaranteed professional service.


Your trusted pharmacy prepares your weekly blister for you or a family member.


Use the MDS blister pack alone or together with WhatsApp alerts or the connected device.


Relax and don't worry any more about your own or your loved ones medication

“With Fagor Healthcare solutions we can offer both patients and their families the trust and peace of mind that they are taking their medication correctly.

The pharmacists ad technicians in charge of preparing MDSs have a great knowledge of the medicines and can detect intolerances, inconsistencies, etc. and solve them.”

Beringues Pharmacy


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