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Ramón Benazet (Pharmacy Benazet in Sitges – Barcelona), is one of the pioneers in Medical Dispenser.

What do you think about Medical Dispenser as a solution to improve adherence to treatment?

It is a very good solution for both, the patient that starts in the use of the MDS and therefore will immediately facilitate the adherence to blanktheir prescribed treatment, and the pharmacy which integrates this new system to manage all the patients using this new solution.

In your opinion, which are the most important benefits?

The patient doesn’t need to worry about having to be constantly trying to remember how many tablets to take and at what time of the day. Therefore it offers total security in the correct fulfillment of what the doctor has prescribed.  The pharmacy counts with an “integrated system” machine-software, which helps the pharmacists in an easy and intuitive way to manage: patients, treatments, historical changes, control stocks of medicines assigned to each patient and the history of all SPD delivered.

Regarding mistakes, do you think it’s a safe system?

I think the error is reduced to a minimum or is virtually zero as long as the processes of usage are followed, both for the preparation of medicines before loading machine, and during operation with the machine. Therefore I consider it a safe method.

How does Medical Dispenser fit within your value proposition? Do you think it adds value to your patients and/or their families?

Adherence is essential to obtain the expected results in the treatment and/or maintenance of any pathology. Therefore, any system that facilitates such compliance has a fundamental value for the patient, as in the case of geriatric patients, and for relatives, which have a simple, secure and fast way to have a more control.

blankWhat host is having Medical Dispenser among your customers?

Good, as long as the benefits of starting with this system are properly explained. In family caregivers, the reception is very good as they are discharged of responsibility and the time required preparing medication for their relatives.

And finally, how do you see the dispensation of MDS in a few years?

I think it will increase, for which we must be constantly evolving the Medical Dispenser system to accommodate a larger number of patients who use it.


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