Medical Dispenser in Pharmagora 2013

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Publicación: Dec 25, 2013

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Fagor Healthcare presented Medical Dispenser in Pharmagora 2013 which took place from 6 to 8 April in Paris. The machine aroused great interest among the attendees who visited us at the B35 Stand of our partner CPM Technologie.

About the show, we would like to highlight an interesting interview made to the French Health Minister, Marisol Touraine during the opening of the fair. Touraine, responded very clearly to the audience and mentioned that the great challenge in the French pharmacy sector was to change the retributive system based on medicine incomes to a system based in services. Something totally aligned with the general trend of reducing pharmaceutical costs in Europe and particularly accelerated in Spain.

Regarding to the fair, both the installations and the organization were very neat. As an example we were surprised with an information channel with open information and recorded interviews on TV where you could follow the different sessions in a very flexible and dynamic format. If you could not attend to the fair and French is not a problem for you, it is available at a click for your comfort.

In general, the number of exhibitors was lower than we expected, especially regarding to the great laboratories of the pharmaceutical sector. But it was a surprise the large number and variety of custom dispensing medications (MDS) available, both manual and automated, which confirms that the trend of services is a reality, and that the MDS are the first candidate.

Stand Pharmagora 2013For us, the show has had the dual purpose of analyzing the MDS in the french market and to present Medical Dispenser to the pharmacy sector in order to seek their views. In both cases the conclusions were very positive.  In first place, as we have seen before, the MDS is a strong candidate to be a service in French pharmacies. Secondly, we have checked the great interest of various pharmaceuticals and other industry players who visited us during the three days of the fair.

Therefore, our assessment of Pharmagora 2013 is very positive, and confirms the work we have done to internationalize Medical Dispenser to France in a short term adapting it to the needs of pharmacies in the neighboring country.

We take this opportunity to announce that Medical Dispenser is going to be presented in Cosmofarma 2013 from 17th to 19th of April.

Thanks to everyone who visited us in Pharmagora, and see you next year…


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